Thursday, 29 November 2007

Sculpted snow for road

Ground 3D propose 5 sculpted snow for road !!!

Thursday, 22 November 2007

crypt & blood river

Two new products ground3D
The blood river - hug sculpted prim 20x20
-The crypt-

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Ground3D show room

Ground 3D show room - you are welcome to discover our new products

4 stages :
snow & ice - water&river - lava - and multi-river

snow and ice - sculpted prims and hug prims river and waterfall - sculpted prims and hug prims
lava - sculpted prims and hug prims
multi-river - sculpted prims and hug prims

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Walk in the snow !

You push in the snow The sensation is guaranteed

Monticules snow!

The snow fell in abundance in some places !

Marks in the snow !

No coment ! Tire skid marks in the snow

rock snow !

Ground 3D new product :
sculpted rock snow

snow and ice pack !

Put on your snow lands for Christmas
Take advantage of our special promotions for the Christmas holidays

- The box of 10 differents SNOW SCULPTED PRIMS (2 of each)

- The box of 10 ICE SCULPTED PRIMS

Visit Ground 3D land :(show room on 4 floors)
IM lastping asp - technical
IM flippinette asp - commercial

Christmas market G3D

Take advantage of our special Christmas creations
Discover our Christmas market at the following address:

Ground3D group

Join the group Ground3D
This group is for all the people who bought brand products Ground 3D:
water - snow - ice - lava... (Scultped prims & Hug sculpted prims)
Join the group you will be informed of our news.

Ground3D creations

The creations Ground3D is a wide range of products
We offer different types of 3D surfaces to beautify your lands and our range is divided into four major families:
Range No. 1-Water
Range No. 2-Snow & Ice
Range No. 3 - lava
Range No. 4-rock-wall and other organic material

The rivers, streams and waterfalls mountain!

Snow and ice To cover your land with a thick snow cover!

The lava For your volcanoes or other rivers of lava

Boulders, various organic materials

Présentation of Ground3D

GROUND 3D is the first company to build soils in relief on second life.
The water from , snow, ice, lava volcanoes, sand ...
Our products are a striking realism.
Plus our true nature as snow creates a snowy land An unparalleled realism currently sl.

Come and visit us on :

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