Wednesday, 27 August 2008

sand yacht giver

Free for your visitors
You put the rezzer on you beach and the visitors can use a sand yacht for free
Easy to use - just CLIC to rez one !
you can see a demo to ground 3d seaside shop and of course use a sand yacht !

new logo g3d

A new logo for ground 3D

Saturday, 16 August 2008

natural river

a NEW product ground3D
the natural river with roc on the floor of the river
A realistic effect !

Sunday, 10 August 2008

beach sculpty roc v2

new sculpty roc with seafom

maxi sculpty wave

The maxi sculpty wave
backwash and foam v4
30*10*15 meters
new sculpty SHAPE and new TEXTURE of wave
with ocean sound on/off
you can see the wave here :

Windsurf/ kite Surf giver

Windsurf/ kite Surf giver

Free surfing windsurfing
A good idea for club or beach owner, camping land ...
Just put the rezzer on your beach, not so far water. The windsurf / kite surf let 10 second before die, when the surfer stand up the windsurf, the windsurf auto die. No windsurf let alone on the beach.use Pg up and Pg down for jump.
All the items are copy / no modify/no transfer
If you want to test and see before ? The windsurf giver is here : Ground3D Sea side shop

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Sand yacht for 1 or 2 riders

sand yacht
sand yacht for two riders

you know the sand yacht ? An economic and ecological ride on the seaside On our beaches, the game is to roll over 2 wheel, with that, you can start in the race. the float will raise a veil in the turns, but only at high speed .. then ready? We have designed a version for two that you find here: sand yacht bi-place
You can see the next sand yatch here :

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