Wednesday, 23 July 2008

free windsurf giver

Free windsurf giver - Free windsurfing
2 windsurf included let all your visiters use a free windsurf.
I have build this item for my land, and for a friend who want cool sport for his beach.
Just put the rezzer on your beach, not so far water. The windsurf let 10 second before die, when the surfer stand up the windsurf, the windsurf auto die.
So no windsurf let alone on the beach.
In the boxe, you have 2 windsurf for you.
Use Pg up and Pg down for jump.
All the items are copy / no modify/no transfert
You want to test and see before ?
No problem the windsurf giver is here : Ground3D Sea side shop

kite surf G3D

A new product for you ! New on SL ! A kite surf
Visit ground3D Seaside shop

Sunday, 13 July 2008

coconut giver

The coconut's giver
i have build this tree for fun , it is a palm tree , but not just a palm tree ..If you push it, it 's rainning coconuts !!!!funny ? YES !!!! free ? YES !!! (humm.. just 1l$ )copy/transfert but no modify ...
We build sculpted snow, river, lava, waves, sand, fish and tree .Do not hesitate to come see all our creations Ground3Dnew shop Ground3D Sea side shop

Monday, 7 July 2008

SL5B The end

SL5B the construction of the castle of Chambord is abandons

It s finish !

Friday, 4 July 2008

SL5B new day

------And this night the castle is on FIRE------ IT IS HERE :

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


on the occasion of the fifth anniversary of SL (SL5B), G3D creation (lastping asp) and the group builders and Francophone scripters suggest you follow the incredible story of the construction of the replica of the castle of Chambord. An adventure that visitors can see change day after day. Feel free to come and discover the site to encourage creative and discover their potential in this challenge.

windsurf G3d

A windsurf, why not ?
G3d propose two differents versions of the windsurf - orange or redUse Pg-up or Pg-down for jump !
It's now and it's here :

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