Friday, 13 June 2008


a Lighthouse to put on your seaside

animated underwater sand

Animated underwater ssculpty Sand

the sand move like the backwash and it is more realistic
you can change the texture of the sand if you want
it is 20*20 meters and you can put it under the water of your beach
You can see a demo in world just clic here to teleport to second life :

Bay city

Ground 3D bay city
That will be the principal office of Ground 3D
Teleport to visit GROUND 3d office :

palm & jingle plants

Palm and jingle plants
You can put a large variety of palm and plants on your land or your beach
you can see a demo to the seaside shop here :
You can choose one product or the box of 12 products !!!
If you have any question send me an IM (flippinette asp)
see you soon - thks

wall of waves v.2

wall of waves with double splash

large wall of waves

a new wave for your beach, the Large wall of waves

with 2 HUG PRIMS (wall and backwash) and 20*20*20 meters

Tuesday, 10 June 2008

New waves

sea roc with wave ! To realistic
you can see a demo at the seaside shop in world here :

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