Tuesday, 9 December 2008

war skeleton -act2

a new gadget by lastping asp - a war with some skeletons !!! beautiful

For rez the gravestone, for a good game play ,you need a 20*20 meters area
-The skeletons are rezzed on a 10 meter circle.
-Wear the shotgun, and "touch" the gravetone.
- You have 20 seconds for kill all skeleton of the level.- 9 levels available
- this game can use 600 prims , at the last level : 11 skeletons (31*11) + bones when explode (10 for a skeleton) + arrows +fire ball+spear .
- You can use your weapon , but only a item named "Bullet" can kill the skeleton. Rename your if necessary.
-Arrows (fleches) and spear (lance) can damage in a damage area (100 by hit).
-The revenge Of skeleton can be a good trainer for combat land or SL soldiers.
- Anti lag. The skeleton auto del after 20 seconds, after that, you need "touch" the gravestone for restart the game.
- For more information IM lastping asp


clic to teleport

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