Sunday, 1 February 2009


coral reef - récif de corail
A beautiful coral reef to decorate your seaside with exotic fish and a lot of different coral.

The under water is too sad in second life, isn't it... Your friends will be surprised with this coral reef very realistic, very colored- and you will spend a lot of time to swim here.

You just have to install the barrier reef in the under water (1 object, 51 prims)
So will see that there is a lot of roc of different size and texture, 3 different type of exotic fish scripted (clown fish yes!), 4 different type and color of coral flexi and 2 sea anemone (2 size).

And inclued in this pack, there is of course bubble air and ... a sexy pose for.. why not à sireine !!! (just right clic and "sit here")

Oh last thing, for less lag you can rez the fish by menu - just "touch" the reef with you mouse and select "on" or "off if you don't want to see the fish moving).

You can see a demo of the coral reef ground3d in world at Kintall Hill seaside.

clic here to teleport

see you soon

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